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VH1 Live- Hosted by Rebecca Rankin & Roshumba
August 28, 2000 6:00PM ET
Interview with Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips.

Rebecca: Creed are going to be here, actually in here, right now. Now, this is the biggest rock band in the country right now. They've sold over 5 million copies of their latest album, Human Clay. Guys? Are you around? Can you come on in?

(Mark and Scott P. walk into the room and sit down)

Rebecca: (To the camera) We want you guys to give us a call at 1-877-632-4591 if you have a question for the band. So, Scott Phillips, Mark Tremonti. Thanks for comin' in.

Mark: Thank you.

Scott P: Glad to be here.

Rebecca: Right off the bat, we were actually expecting Scott Stapp today as well. What happened with the lead singer?

Mark: Uh, he's actually practicing for the show. We're on stage in about 2 hours. Ya know, he's gotta warm up a little bit.

Rebecca: Uh huh, how's his throat?

Mark: Good.

Rebecca: Workin' out alright?

Mark: Yup, real good.

Rebecca: Alright, so your gonna be playin' at Madison Square Gardens, like you said, in just a couple of hours. Any prep to get ready for the big show? Or is it just an old hat to you guys now?

Scott P: It's kinda old hat. It's gotten to the point where our routine is kinda the same for each show and we'll get there 3 or 4 in the afternoon, do a sound check, till 5 or 5:30. We might have some interviews, a ping pong match daily.

Rebecca: A ping pong match! I wondered about the ping pong.

Scott P: Yeah, yeah. Then from there we watch the bands that open up for us and we go out and do the show. If it's for 10 people or, ya know, 20,000. It's the same routine.

Rebecca: Speaking of which, 3 Doors Down is opening for you right now.

Scott P: Yeah.

Rebecca: Ok, nice. Alright, so we have a ticket giveaway, (to Scott and Mark) I don't know if you guys know about this and you guys have been very generous giving away 4 pairs of tickets to Creed. So we want to know, if you guys are at home, big fan of the band, email us at Let us know why these guys are part of the biggest Rock band in the country...what rocks about them and I don't just wanna hear about the biceps (points to Mark) or anything like that.

(Scott and Mark laugh)

Rebecca: I wanna hear a little bit more, elaborate. Tell me why these guys rock. Let us know and we will get to the emails at the end. 4 pairs of tickets and we will send you to the show that's closest to you. Shumbee?

Roshumba: Yes, Rebecca. Girl, ya know what I just found out? We have no email. There is no email. So you guys gotta call us at 1-877-632-4591 if you wanna be a part of this party! Call us! Now we got a question from Jennifer for Creed. What's your question?

Jennifer: First Mark, I have to show you something. (Jennifer and her friend Julie, stand up and turn around showing everyone their tattoo's of the Creed symbol on their lower backs) We're 2 of your biggest Fans and we have the Creed crest tattoo on our backs.

Roshumba shouts: Take it off!

Everyone laughs.

Mark: That's awesome.

Roshumba: Alright, so were gonna check in with the Video Wars and we're gonna hang out with the audience some more and do a little Creed and it's all good. We are gonna check out the video for Higher. But I just have 1 question....(To Jennifer) What possessed you to do that?

Julie: It's also an Aztec compass (?) so it's not exclusively....

Jennifer: For me, it's just what Creed has done for me, their music.....what it means to me.

Roshumba: Let's check out the Higher video right now.

(Plays Higher vid) Rebecca: Ok, that would be Creed with Higher off of Human Clay. Now, we've read before that you guys aren't big Fans of that video?

Mark: I think we have yet to capture what we're all about on video. Ya know, it's just really hard to catch what your all about live when your doing a video. I'm not a director, he's not a director (points to Scott Phillips). We're just songwriters and performers and you gotta share a sight with someone not in the band and it's kinda hard...

Scott P: I think the thing that kinda bugged us about it was there's a lot of.....I mean it's a cool lookin' video and sort of matrix (?) and everybody's doing like (holds up bands and freezes)...doin like this while the cameras buzzing around you.

Rebecca: (laughs) Freeze frame!

Scott P: Um, there's alot of musical, that probably only the 4 of us would notice, but their like totally not synched up. So like, Scott's singing 1 thing, the song is actually a different part.

Rebecca: Hmmm. Ok.

Scott P: Just things like that.....little things.

Rebecca: Oh, so you gotta watch more closely next time?

Scott P: Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Rebecca: Shumbee? Someone over there gotta a question?

Roshumba: Yeah, I gotta question for the guys....(to ScottP and Mark) you guys are so cool, thanks for joining us!

Scott P and Mark: Thank you.

Roshumba: Alright, (to a lady in the audience) What's your question?

Lady: I wanna know what it's like to have the huge, huge success you've got and is it hard to handle?

(Scott and Mark look at each other)

Scott P: Go ahead.

Mark: Uh, well when we're not touring we pretty much live pretty normal lives, ya know, just go to Blockbuster, get a movie, watch, go to dinner, we're not at the point where we walk down the street and everyone's screamin and yellin. I think maybe 1 out of 100 people know who the hell we are. (laughs)

Scott P: They are all in this room right now. (Everyone laughs) That's it.

Mark: Yeah

Scott P: You guys are it.

Mark: Nah, it's pretty cool. Performing on stage is definitely the perks of what we do.

Rebecca: So, keeping a level head?

Mark: Yeah, keepin a level head.

Scott P: Yeah, it's easier to do it that way, ya know?

Roshumba: I got another question for you guys over here.

Scott P: Go ahead.

Roshumba: Sarah, what's your question?

Sarah: Hi, I was just wondering when Creed is all said and done, what do you want to be remembered for most?

Scott P: Um, hopefully not being a flash in the pan. Not being a one hit wonder. Somebody who just came and went in a couple of years. When we started this band, I think longevity was the main goal and hopefully 20 or 30 years down the road. The fact that someone would actually remember you would be great.

Rebecca: Now that's the humble version though cos already you guys are not a flash in the pan.

Scott P: Alright (shrugs shoulders and laughs)

Rebecca: You've had single, after single, after single, so.....

(Talks about upcoming things on the show)


Plays a piece of the Torn video while showing facts on the screen. They say:

Creed's the first band to ever have 3 songs in the Top 20 of Billboard's Rock charts.

Creed's first album "My Own Prison" only cost $6,000 to record.

Rebecca: Alright, you are watching "VH1 Live." We are hanging out here with 2 of the guys from Creed. They are playin in New York City tonight at Madison Square Gardens. Good news there. (To the audience) Alot of you guy's going to the show?

Audience cheers.

Rebecca: (laughs) Oh yeah!

Continues to talk about the giveaway for Creed tickets.

Rebecca: Ok guys, I guess I have to ask have a really serious side to you. You see that alot in the music, obviously and the lyrics and videos and stuff. Does it ever just weird you out? Are you as serious as you come across?

Mark: Nah, it's just when we are in a serious mood, that's when we write music and when we're happy and we wanna go out and party, that's what we do. We go out and party.

Rebecca: And then you can't write music right?

Mark: Right, right.

Rebecca: Some people have to be down. But do you ever think about trying to switch over the image or are you just happy keeping it the way it is?

Mark: Nah, that's just what we like to do. We do what we're good at and we do what we enjoy doing and that's how it comes off. If we moved to Hawaii and we're happy people all the time, 24 hours a day, then we turn into a Jimmy Buffet band ...

Everyone laughs

Rebecca: Ok, Roshumba?

Roshumba: Ok Rebecca, I have a question and I believe it's Maria here, has a question for Creed.

Maria: Hi, yeah I heard that Scott's throat is not really bothering him, so I was wondering how it was gonna effect his performance tonight?

Roshumba: You heard it's NOT really bothering him?

Maria: It IS really bothering him! I'm sorry!

Roshumba: Oh, I was about to say that's something new to me!

Everyone laughs

Mark: No, it's not bothering him. It was bothering him last week. He's totally fine now. He was actually in the studio recording last night for a Doors album, so he's top notch.

Rebecca: So he's gonna be on that Doors Tribute album?

Mark: Yeah.

Rebecca: That's good news for all of us. A whole bunch of people on that.

Scott P: Yeah.

Mark: Yeah.

Rebecca: Have you hard about that? I think STP's on it. Who else is on it guys?

Mark: I think Johnny Lee Hooker is on there. Travis Meech, from Days of the New. Smash Mouth might be on there....

Rebecca: A whole bunch of people.

Scott P: Yeah.

Roshumba explains that they gave the audience free copies of Human Clay before the show. She asks everyone to look on the back of the CD and if there was a VH1 stamp on it, then they won 2 tickets to the Creed show in NYC.

Plays With Arms Wide Open video.

Rebecca: With Arms Wide Open from Creed off of Human Clay. Thank you guys so much for coming in.

Mark and Scott: Thank you.

Rebecca: It's gonna be a good show tonight. Have a good time. I know it's down to the last minutes. We appreciate it very much!

Scott P: Absolutely.

Thanks to creedonline for this transcript!!!