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By C. Bottomley

You didn't think that Fred Durst was going to take all that Creed abuse lying down, did you? Of course not. So barely a day after Creed accused Durst of making "vulgar comments and violent threats ... totally indicative of a mobster mentality" in his relationship with aspiring rap-metallers TapRoot (see yesterday's story here), Durst has responded with some choice comments of his own. "So far Creed has responded to anything other than what I said about them," he said in a statement. "Obviously, I must be right. Creed should take a hint and spend more time signing autographs than writing about me. The boxing match sounds like fun, but I'd rather not resort to violence. Besides, I'm busy doing a free tour for my fans." Creed's statement grew out of the bizarre story of Fred Durst, A&R guy. Seems Durst was trying to sign TapRoot to his own label last year, but became miffed when they played showcase gigs for other label representatives. He left an angry telephone message on singer Steve Richards' answering machine that you can listen to by clicking here. Durst's statement, however, refers to an unprecedented exchange that occurred at the WXRK Dysfunctional Family Picnic, held earlier this month in New Jersey. After a spat in the wings, Durst railed from the stage that Creed singer Scott Stapp was "an egomaniac. He's a f*cking punk, and he's backstage right now acting like f*cking Michael Jackson." Creed later gave Fred Durst an anger-management manual and later told the press that Durst was so angry that the Christian rockers were headlining over his band that he made the audience wait an hour before Limp Bizkit took the stage. Stapp also took a moment from studying Eddie Vedder's vocal mannerisms to challenge Durst to the boxing match alluded to in his statement. Speaking to, Stapp insisted, "I know I could kick his ass." Tit for tat? Sure. But don't you love it when millionaires hate each other?

On a personal note..Creed are not a Christian band Bottomley! And get your facts straight..stop comparing Stapp to Eddie Vedder!!