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To sign up for the Creed e-mail list, click here or send an e-mail to, with "Subscribe" as the subject of your message. Your name will automatically be added to the list of subscribers by the listserve computer. You will receive all posts and be allowed to post from your email address. Only subscribers can post messages to the list.

Unsubscribing is just as easy: click here or send an e-mail to, and include only the word "Unsubscribe" in the subject line. Do not enter anything else in the subject line or in the message body since you will be sending a message to a computer, not a person. Changed your mind? Don't worry - you can re-subscribe at any time.

Please note that by joining the Creed e-mail list you will receive a high number of messages every day. If you'd rather receive one message containing the entire day's postings, send a message to with the subject "Subscribe Digest". Your address will be removed from the regular subscriber list (if you're already subscribed) and added to the digest list. Of course, don't forget to sign up for Wind-up Record's Creed Bulletin to receive weekly Creed news and to qualify for free Creed stuff.

I copied this all off the official Creed page

Here is another awesome creed mailing list that was just created all but a few days ago by my friend Willie (im writing this the week of aug 15, 1998). U can write almost anything on this list without getting slammed. U gotta check it out. Voice ur opinions about Creed on here!!!

THe creedrox mailing list made by Willie