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This is a picture of Mark, Ross and Scott. You can contact Ross at


We flew from Gatwick, London to Newark airport, NJ around lunch time on the Saturday after traveling overnight to get to the airport (I hadn't gotten any sleep for 2 nights by then so I was in a bad mood) We arrived in Newark around 4pm local time, but the plane from Gatwick was about an hour late so we had about 20 minutes to get through customs and board and bored our reconnecting flight to Orlando.

Once we got to where the flight information was we found out that the reconnecting flight had been delayed for another 3 hours!

I just wondered around the place for a bit, bought a magazine and finally found a nice little CD shop type thing. I bought the scream3 soundtrack, since I was there. I went over to my gate and put that on my Walkman for a bit. About an hour later, just before we were supposed to board I decided to quickly head for the bathroom. On my way back, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy that looked like a clone of Scott Stapp! I was thinking to myself: He looks so much like Scott Stapp when I see a little toddler running around. I then realize then that he was Jagger and then I see Mark too!

I then scrambled back to where my parents where sitting and rummaged through my bag to get the Scream3 CD and a pen. So I calmly (Not so calmly) walk over to their gate and asked Scott and Mark a few questions and asked them to sign my Scream3 CD too. Scott signed: Ross, Rock on bro! and Mark signed it: see ya soon. -----Ross

Here is pictures of Krystal Parks with Creed: