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A little Creed Interview at Edgefest

Rachel- well everyone, here we are, backstage with Creed at Edgefest 2000 .. Scott [Phillips], Scott [Stapp], Mark and Brian. Thank you so much for joining us for Canada day. Are you having a good time?
Band - Yeah, great
Rachel - Well, I thought that I would start this interview off right and I want to happily, on Canada day, present you guys with two times platinum albums. Here we go.
***hands the band the plaques***
Rachel - what do you guys think of that?
Scott P - that's cool
Scott S - ***pretends to drop it*** Sorry, these are awesome! These are great! Canada day!
Brian - I have the perfect spot for this!
Scott S - yeah, it's killer!
Scott P *** has spent the whole time reflecting light into their bodyguards eyes***
Rachel -you guys have just become this incredibly huge band. Did it take you by surprise?
Scott S - Um, it was kind of a slow build, you know, so it wasn't like one day were working at McDonalds the next day were playing stadiums. It was a real gradual process so we saw it coming, you know, we just took the natural steps. We started in tiny clubs and played there for a couple of years and then moved into the next size and the next size and the next size and the next size, so really, it didn't take us by surprise. We just saw it unfold right before our eyes.
Rachel- Um, this is amazing! Congratulations! So you guys then, have become well versed in the art of festival rocking then?
Scott S - definitely, definitely
Rachel - What's the art of festival rocking in Canada then?
Scott S - ***takes a minute to answer*** The art of festival rocking?
Rachel-" is it going to be different then in America or Europe?
Scott P - its probably just the beer is the only difference. There we would drink Budweiser but here we would drink, like, Molson.
Rachel - ok
Scott S - I also think its safer here
Rachel - ok
Scott S - people in Canada seem to be more peace orientated and less about violence then a lot of the other countries we play
Scott P - you didn't get to see Filter's set did you?
Scott S - no, I didnt
Scott P - a lot of stuff being thrown!
Scott S - oh, well that's different, that's different..
Scott P - yeah, ok
Scott S - its different then people getting punched in the mouth and kill ed
Scott P - yeah, yeah, that's true
Rachel - where does that happen?
Scott S - oh, all over Europe, uh, happens in the states, happened at Woodstock.
Rachel - did you hear about what happened just recently, last night actually, in Denmark?
Scott S & Scott P - yeah, we heard
Rachel - what do you think about that?
Scott S - something like that happened to us at the G Shock X games festival. I guess it was last year. It was us and Ice Tea played and then there was like 5 or 6 girls that got killed and uh, ***looks to Scott P for help*** What fell down? The stands collapsed..
Scott P - Yeah, it was a snow boarding festival and they had some kind of a tunnel that went underneath the stands. Some part of the stands had collapsed so people got caught in there.
Rachel - do you think then that festivals are getting a little out of hand ?
Scott P - I think in some cases they are. I think, you know, you get 10 or 15 thousand people together and then sometimes 30 or 40 thousand and its just somebody's going to cut loose and that's going to be it.
Rachel - just recently you guys played a festival in New York, so I just w ant to quickly ask you about this. Fred Durst had something to say and I just wanted to know your take on it.
Scott S - well I definitely quit wearing my diamond studded jacket and sil ver gloves, so he had an impact on me at that point. You know, I think a lot of people in our position have been on the receiving end of just a blind sided punch from Fred Durst. He said it about Metallica, and a couple of other bands, and I guess he decided to pick on us, and you know, its just not what were about. We don't really have an answer cause we don't even know the guy, we never met the him. I've never even been within a hundred yards of the him, I've never seen him. I think it was more about, uh, you know, Fred is a very competitive guy, and uh, I think that competitiveness moves into his music. If he doesn't feel like when Limp Bizkit shows up at a venue and they are the headliner or the band there of the event then he gets competitive and hi s competitive juices start to flowing and I think, you know, that's what started the whole thing. I think he was upset that we were headlining, he was upset that we were doing all this, like we are today and he wasn't. I think the way he handles that is to bring more attention to Limp Bizkit by playing the media and, uh, that's what he did. But were not about that, and I think that in the long run that goes to show what kind of band we are, and uh, its about the music, its about a cause and a message and its not about all the other bullshit.
Rachel - did you guys actually give him an anger management pamphlet? This is the rumor going around.
Scott S - we did, it was a joke, it was Mark's idea. It was one of our body guards books. We actually thought hey, lets send this over to Fred, thinking he'd laugh about it and realize that he'd said some stupid things and uh, should come over and meet us. But you know that didn't happen but I think the thing I want to do is challenge Fred Durst to a boxing match.
Rachel - OK, formerly, do you box?
Scott S - no, but I know I can kick his ass and so that way, you know, we would have gloves on and he couldn't have his body guards around and we could get in the ring and you guys could televise it
Rachel - ok
Scott S - you know we could just get into the ring and duke it out and the best man will win.
Rachel - is fighting the answer though?
Scott S - it's sport fighting, it's not actual fist, knives and guns. It's just a way to take out some frustration on each other. I think it'd be fun, I dont think he'll do it, but I think it would be fun.
Rachel - wow, that's kind of scary! I don't know, maybe he'll bring his bo dy guards or something.
Scott S - well that's usually how tough guys fight. They can't handle their battles by themselves.
Mark - we got ours too Rachel - well thank you so much for coming and hanging out.. ***looks over at their body gaurds*** WHOOAA!!! I don't want to mess with those guys! Thank you so much for coming and hanging out in Canada..
Scott S - I'm coming after you boy! You better watch out!
Rachel - oh no! That's going to start something!
Scott P - this is big time! We've joked about this, but now it's in the me dia.
Scott S - it's still a joke
Scott P - ***puts his arm around Scott*** that's my boy!
Rachel - you guys seem like pretty good natured guys. I'm very proud to have you here for Canada day. Thanks for coming to hang out with us.
Scott P - thanks for having us
Rachel - have a great show! Now we're going to show some Creed. Happy Canada day and happy Independance day!
***camera starts to zoom in on Brian and his plaque. He gives a big thumbs up***