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If anyone has a concert review of Creed or any experiences with creed please email me and I will put it up on this page for sure.
Thank you.
July 1st, 2000 at Edgefest in Barrie, ON
hey everybody i saw creed for the 4th time yesterday!!!! at molson park in barrie, ON at a huge canada day festival they have every year called EDGEFEST for those of you who didnt know..i will give you the creed review at the end of this email.. there was tons of wicked bands there and a lot of them were playing at the same time so i had to miss some of them! but goldfinger opened on the main stage..they totally guy walked out with a huge fake was hilarious..and all my friends were like no one is going to be able to top like just wait till creed comes on..then after goldfinger i went and saw nickleback (2nd time i have seen them)..they fucken rock so much live!!! i met the singer again..i was trying to talk to the guitar player but he was being sorta snotty..but they rocked!! then after that i saw 3 doors down for the first time..oh my god they were so good live!! i didnt think they would play "be like that" cuz its so mellow but they fav 3 doors down song! i was at the very front/centre for them!!..same with nickleback..after that i caught the end of filter but i was way at the back..too many people! and matthew good band came on but i was so tired i was sitting on the crowd(i dont like them that much) and my friends drove down there the night before to party and everything which was one of the best parties i have ever been to!!!..anyways so i didnt sleep the whole night and then went to edgefest so by the end i was so dead tired!!!..anyways creed were playing last and tea party before so i went up there for tea party so i could get as close as i could for creed..tea party are alright but im not the biggest fan..anyways CREED came on at 10:30 and played till 11:30...they had the fire in the back and all the fireworks and was fucken wicked!!!..(they played at edgefest 2 years ago too=)) anyways they opened with ode, then played torn, beautiful, ..i cant remember the exact order after that but they played my own prison, unforgiven, what if, faceless man, beautiful, with arms wide open, whats this life for and as usual their awesome! encore was one and was so funny cuz people started to leave cuz they thought it was over cuz they were gone for like 5 minutes or so was funny cuz when mark started to play whats this life for..he played the original beginning and everyone around me was like what the hell is this and i was yelling yah whats this life for and everyone was looking at me not many people know the beginning!..i was on the right side this time so i was right by mark..every other creed concert i was right by brian so i wanted to be on the other side..this was the best creed concert i have to been to yet!! except for the fact there was too many people there ..hehe..anyways right before they played with arms wide open scott said i would like to sing you a song that is really personal to me ...if you dont understand it now you will someday=)..i knew exactly what song they were going to play next=)..and before say i he said i would like to take you all to a place or know how he always says was wicked=!!!!..i cant remember what else to say besides they fucken rocked!!!! i was right at the front on the right side..a person away from the edge so it was awesome..i couldnt see scott phillips at all cuz the amps by mark were in the way..i wish i would have been in the middle cuz mark threw all his picks there..and scott threw his drumsticks out there..what about us on the side was awesome when scott, mark and brian were all jamming right beside each other..i dont rememeber them doing that at any other concert i have been to ..anyways i guess thats all i can say right now..i gotta get off the comp..hey i bought that awesome blue creed shirt that just says creed on the front and has a pic of them on the back with all the doesnt say toronto or barrie on it but it says other canada places? weird..anyways talk to everyone later! sTePh
May 13th, 2000 at Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center
I saw Creed on May 13 at 8:00pm at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center and it was hands down the best show I've ever seen. They put on an awesome show. While they were changing the stage after Stir and Sevendust played I was thinking there is no way any band could match their sets. I was wrong. Creed blew them away. Mark Tremonti is the best guitarist ever and no rock star out there can sing like Scott Stapp. They put on a great show.
May 10th, 2000 at U.N.O
I am back to write another reveiw on another great creed concert in new orleans. The show was yesterday, 5/10, at U.N.O. at 7:30. A German band named Guano Apes started out the show, the are really cool. The Sevendust hit the stage, they kicked ass, they played "waffle" and it sounded awesome. Then, creed hit the stage, they opened up with "ode" and they had a backdrop with the creed logo on it. One the first note of "ode", flames bursted out in front of the backdrop and started up the show. "Torn" followed that along with "are you ready". They also played "beautiful", "say i", "what if", "my own prison", "whats this life for", "facesless man", "with arms wide open", "wash away those years" and "illusion". The encore was awesome, opening with "one" and closing with an awesome performence of "higher". I was mad about one thing, they didnt play "is this the end", it is featured on the "Scream 3" soundtrack, but thats ok, it still kicked ass. Once again, ill talk to u the next time creed comes to new orleans.

Name:Amanda Banks
May 6th, 2000 in Knoxville, TN
I just saw Creed this weekend, and man was that a concert!! Hands down, this has to have been the best concert I have ever been to; it even beat Page and Plant in '95! Anyway, they were wonderful. Fire and booms!! Just before they played Arms Wide Open, Scott brought out his baby to show us all. That was beautiful!! They played all the good songs--they're all good, but you know what I mean. The fireworks were the best. I'm glad they decided to do that. AJB-Whitesburg, KY

Name: Stephanie Wright
October 7th 1999 at the Docks in Toronto
me and my friend kyle were going to take the gotrain home cuz i wasnt allowed to drive to toronto and if we would have we would have missed half of creed since the last gotrain is at 12 and we would have to walk all the way from the docks to union station..but anyways we found a friend matt that really wanted to go and he would drive so that solved all of our problems! yah! blasting human clay on the cd player on the way there..i forgot about creed being on live in toronto on the edge (my fav toronto radio station) and we were listening to them and we were like shit we better drive over there so we could meet them! so we drove over there..but just when we were parking the crowd was leaving and creed was gone!!! damn!!..but we went in there and right after nickelback came in (a canadian band supporting creed, who opened for them before oleander) and after i got 2 of their was sweet!!! they were pretty nice..and then oleander came in right after and we were talking to them and i got the lead singers autograph and the bass or guitar player i forget..they were really cool..then we left after that and went to find the was a pretty small venue which was sweet and it was sold of my friends bought off scalpers and it cost him like 50 which wasnt that bad..but just when we got in there nickleback was playing and we went straight to the front..they were alot more heavy than i thought they would be..they put on a sweeet performance!!! they were really good..and then right after oleander came on ...i have the cd and i didnt listen to it that much..i thought it was good but not amazing like creed..they put on an awesome performance..the lead singer went through the crowd later and my friend matt saw him and the singer was like i remember u u were at the edge..and matt couldnt recognize him since he wasnt wearing his hooded sweatshirt and yellow was cool...i know he recognized me from the edge cuz when he came over to my side of the stage he smiled and pointed right at me..and by the way if anyone was there and recognized me i have long red hair and i was wearing dark blue jeans, a black creed shirt and a silver and black jacket..then after we waited like half an hour before creed came on..i was lucky i was right at the front behind a girl that was leaning against the railway..except i had a bunch of strong tall guys around me which i was trying to get away from..cuz i couldnt see..then creed came on and everyone went nuts of course! they started with are you ready which i knew they would! ..and then they played ode..i forget the order after that but i remember all the songs they of my own prison:torn, ode, my own prison, illusion, unforgiven, whats this life for and one..and then from human clay:are you ready, beautiful, say i, wrong way, faceless man, higher, wash away those years and inside us all..i really wanted them to play with arms wide open though!! that song it so amazing and it makes me cry!!..anyways i was right in front of brian's face and i made eye contact with him tons of times since everyone was mostly looking at scott s. of course..brian was wearing that white astro shirt that i have seen mark wear in a bunch of pictures..mark was wearing this black long sleeved shirt which had weird white symbols on the arms..ive seen him wear those in pictures too..scott s was wearing baggy blue jeans and a buttoned down shirt of course..i couldnt really tell what scott p was wearing of course..i love it how scott always likes to make eye contact when he sings..he made eye contact with me a bunch of the time and was reaching out his arms for me while looking at me which was sweet..i liked it how the first time i saw creed in april 1998 they werent that popular so the moshpit was so wicked!!!..but then when i saw them at edgefest in july 1998 of course it got worse cuz they were more popular..and then this one got was still a wicked show!!! the best one i think will always be the first time i saw them at the opera house though! always will be!!..they ended with higher im pretty sure..i cant remember..i think im and my friends wanted to stay after for a long time to see if we could meet them but matt saw that the buses and stuff were at the back so we didnt think we could so we left..matt almost got creed's setlist..but some other girl got it..but he got their schedule for the day though which was sweet!! we got a bunch of stickers too..overall of course they put on a totally amazing performance and i cant wait to see them again!! the only time i technically got hurt was when a body surfer was getting pulled over me and my face got smashed into someones back and i have a bruise on my forehead and when i passed so embarassed about that though!!!..i just had to do that at creed!!..i mean even when i was at front of the moshpit for metallica i was fine and all the other concerts i have been to..anyways creed are so fucken amazing and anyone who likes them has to see them at least one time in their lifes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Shannon Keilly
Edgefest, Calgary, Alberta
Hey!! Ahh! :) I saw Creed on July 9th! It was sooooooo wicked! :) I was in the front row the whole time. I hate moshing, so this was kinda scary for me! That's ok!! I was singing all the songs and Scott Stapp kept looking at me and smiling because I knew all of the songs. Scott Phillips and Brian only showed for the autograph session. After a while, we waited by the bus, Brian came out and talked to us for like 20 mins, and then Scott Stapp came out. Mark was sick, so he was on the bus. Scott said happy birthday to me like twice! It ruled!

Name: Dawn
Edgefest in Barrie, Ontario
I saw Creed at Edgefest in Barrie, Ont on July 1 and they were absolutely amazing!!! I missed the beginning cuz I was stuck in the mosh pit till the end of Sloan......but what I saw (or I should say heard cuz there were soooo many people that I couldnt see a thing) was wicked. Near the end of their set I got in line for autographs and waited for an hour and a half.....BUT I MET THEM!!!!! Course I was so nervous meeting them that I couldnt think of anything intellegent to say.....but Mark and Scott S were really nice. Brian and Scott P didnt seem to interested in signing all those autographs tho. That kinda sucked. But Mark and Scott S being so sweet pretty much made up for that.

Name: Jenn
Pontiac, Michigan and Detroit, Michigan
I guess I'll do a 2 in 1 review here since I've seen them twice... The first time I saw them they played with The Tea Party on February 13th, 1998 at Clutch Cargos in Pontiac, Michigan. They were *()#$%() INCREDIBLE!! They played most of the songs off "My Own Prison" plus Say I. I was right up front in the pit so of course I drooled over all the members. *grin* The second time I saw them was on April 14, 1998, at the State Theatre, in Detroit Michigan. I don't remember who played with them that time because I got there right before Creed went on (they were headlining this time). They played all the same songs that they played the first time, except they added in "With Open Arms." Scott wrote it about how his wife was pregnant and how he was going to accept having a child with open arms, which I thought was really awesome, its a sad song, but I love how he wrote a song about his unborn child. :) I can't wait to see em again!

Name: Tracy
Rochester, New York
alright so I went to a CREED show in April, it was so awesome!! They were playing with Sam I Am and some other band. Anyways when Creed came out to the crowd went nuts!! Thier first song they played was "Torn", the light were flashing and the music was so excellent. Well after that Scott preceeded to take off his shirt, and I am telling you he had a sweet bod!!! Well they continued to play for a little over an hour where they played a couple of new songs: "With Open Arms", and "Say I", which were totally kick ass!!! It was mega hot with everyone crowding around me right up front, I was having a battle with another girl for this spot! I got to look at Scott all nite!! Well he had a little towel that he wiped his sweat off with which he threw into the audience and I CAUGHT IT!!!!! Well they played excellent and I can't wait to see them again!!!

i remember at creed tour 98' when it came to new orleans at u.n.o., it was august. it was my first concert in a year and i had just started to like creed. the opeing bands(fuel and finger eleven)i were already listening to for a while so i knew alot of songs. but creed, i didnt have the cd and i only heard the two singles of 106.7 at the time,my own prison and whats this life for. it was great, i listened to my friends cd on the way to the concert and i met a bunch of my friends over there. i bought a t-shirt and i talked with my friends for a while the i went to my seat. i didnt go in the pit for creed cause i wanted to listen to some of their stuff but for fuel and finger eleven i went in the pit. when it was time for creed to go on stage i went back to my seat and waited. i saw a huge creed logo hanging on the back of the stage. when creed came out it was awsume, they came out all mellow but the the opening song was torn, at first it was clean and slow but then it lifted off and got fast and heavy. even after the show i was still hearing scotts lyrics in my head, i remembered the name of every song and the next day i went out and bought the cd. when i went to the concet i was a real hard rocker into korn and metallica etc, but ever since i heard creed i started liking them better. i still love korn(well before they sold out) but i really love creeds music. ive even started writing my song leaning toward a psitive side like creed. well i guess ill write back after the next creed concert